Our actuaries have many years’ experience advising larger superannuation funds. The services we provide to employer sponsors and trustees of larger superannuation funds include:

  • Valuations of defined benefit superannuation liabilities for the disclosures in an employer’s financial statements, in accordance with Australian Accounting Standard AASB119 (and similar international accounting standards such as IAS19 and FAS87)
  • Triennial actuarial reviews for defined benefit superannuation funds
  • Statutory actuarial certificates for defined benefit superannuation funds, such as Benefit Certificates, Funding and Solvency Certificates, Notional Taxed Contribution Certificates and Anti-Detriment Certificates
  • Recommending final and interim interest rates to apply to members’ benefits
  • Advising on converting defined benefit funds to accumulation funds and designing alternative benefits
  • External peer review

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