Other Services

GM Actuaries also provides services in a number of other areas, including:

  • Calculating interest rates to demonstrate compliance with the Consumer Credit Code
    GM Actuaries has broad experience calculating annual percentage rates consistent with the Consumer Credit Code including all ascertainable fees and charges, to help you prepare disclosures to your clients and demonstrating you are within the statutory interest rate caps.
  • Valuations of long service leave liabilities
    For industry-wide long service leave funding arrangements we can provide valuations of liabilities, scheme reviews, benefit costings and advice on contribution rates.  For employers we can apply actuarial techniques to calculate the present value of your long service leave liabilities for your financial statements.  Our reports provide an independent, auditable, assessment of the liability documenting our methodology and assumptions.
  • Financial modelling
    We are experts at discounted cash flow analyses and helping our clients understand the risks associated with uncertain future payments or receipts.

If you need assistance with a matter involving complex, uncertain or ambiguous future cash flows, we can help.  Contact us to discuss your needs.